Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler will be the amongst the first guests on Oprah Winfrey’s new primetime series ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ when it launches on Jan. 1 at 9PM on her network, OWN. Tyler and his girlfriend Erin Brady sat down with Winfrey in September to talk about their future, and his past.

“I saw him, I watched him. I saw how he behaved,” Brady says in the clip below. “Badly.” Previously Brady worked as Tyler’s accountant while he was on the road. She literally paid him every week.

“I just said, ‘Hey listen, if you play I’m gonna play. I just wanna make that clear to you. And he didn’t really like it. I think he was on the other side of that scenario.” The 63-year-old Tyler sits quietly as the love of his life discusses the rules of their relationship, but when pressed he says he does think it’s possible to be a rock star in a monogamous relationship.

“All those divorces i had, I hurt those girls deeply,” he says. “I don’t want to hurt anyone again.” In addition to his relationship with Brady, Tyler talks about his drug addiction, music and his gig with ‘American Idol’ during the two-hour season premiere.

Watch a Preview of Steven Tyler’s Conversation with Oprah

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