Sorry to burst your bubble, but filming a sex scene for a movie is one pretty awkward affair. You and someone you've started developing a decent work relationship with have to strip naked and pretend to get all hot and bothered while pressing your bodies against each other and heavily breathing in each other's faces. Even more awkward? How about the director shouting, "Great fucking!"

For Patrick Wilson's upcoming movie, 'Stretch,' the long-awaited film by Joe Carnahan, the 'Conjuring' and 'Insidious' star had to film one of these sex scenes with his co-star Brooklyn Decker. Every man's dream, right? Well, can you perform while a group of producers are staring you down, and a makeup artist/costumer has to come in every so often to reapply the fake sweat dripping down your back, and you have to reenact the same sex scene over and over again until you achieve, as the director shouts at you after the take, "great fucking"? I guess that's why they call it "acting."

If this sex scene in question wasn't enough of an indication, 'Stretch' is a pretty raunchy comedy that sees Patrick Wilson playing a limo driver working for some crazed billionaire, and over the course of one night, this job throws him into one crazy situation after another. Chris Pine, Jessica Alba, Ed Helms and Norman Reedus are also along for the ride, and the film is scheduled to hit iTunes and Amazon on October 7 before its VOD debut on October 14.

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