Monday (8/2) was the first day of the newly-enacted water restrictions in Billings. The restrictions are relatively tame, compared to some places around the Treasure State, such as Polson and in Bozeman (where you can only water two days per week). The City of Billings simply requested that residents on city water stop watering their lawns on Mondays. One day. How much difference could that really make, I wondered?

Credit: welcomia
Credit: welcomia

It turns out, a lot.

I was proud - and honestly, somewhat surprised - when I saw a post the Billings Pubic Works Department shared on social media that said we used 40% less water on Monday. That's huge!! They gave a big "Thank You!" adding,

This represents a phenomenal response and show of support from the community. We appreciate your continued support during the Monday water use restrictions as we continue to battle the volume demands and associated system stresses during this brutally hot summer. We are grateful for the understanding of the risks posed to our equipment and proud of everyone for coming together and making the needed adjustments.
I've written before regarding my opinion on water-consuming lawns in Montana, and it makes me proud to see us support water reduction. We're certainly not out of the woods yet, with August coming in hot, but it's great to see we can conserve our water supply when necessary.
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Photo by Michael Foth, Townsquare Media
Photo by Michael Foth, Townsquare Media

Come to think of it, Billings can be happy about some other stuff this summer.

  • Our traffic congestion isn't nearly as bad as Bozeman's. I was there last weekend and it suuuucks.
  • We've got Magic City Blues this weekend, one of Montana's premier music events.
  • After attending another large Montana town fair this summer, I can attest that MontanaFair is the best in the state. Or at least, tied with Great Falls.

Great job, Billings!

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