Replacement Ideas For K-Mart?
By now, most residents have heard the news that K-Mart will be closing. Given the typical emptiness of the parking lot, it's not exactly shocking news. Whenever a business closes shop, I always think of the employees and what it's like for them knowing the end is coming in a matter of weeks...
Sorry there will not be a traffic jam today as I will be at the Grandstand Casino and Sports Bar 905 Grand Ave. I will be there from 5pm to 8pm with Miller Lite and Briggs registering folks to win a 3 day all inclusive trip to Vegas including airfair plus much more...
Vince Neil Banned from Vegas Casino
Weeks after opening his own late night establishment in Las Vegas, Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil has been asked to permanently refrain from entering the doors of another. After a Twitter War that would make Donald Trump jealous, Neil is no longer allowed inside the Palms casino.
Casino to Hire Busty Dealers to Distract Gamblers
The bust you get for going over 21 won't be the biggest one at the Tropicana Casino and Resort in Atlantic City. The casino plans to hire some - how shall we say? - well-endowed female dealers to distract people at the blackjack tables.