Chili Season Billings, Rules To Follow for Great Chili Experience
I am not saying that every ingredient has to be started from scratch, but it must be a mixture of ingredients that are cooked on the stove using a recipe. NO CANNED CHILI. I am sure many of you will argue that you know of a brand that is great heated up from a can. This could be fine for your tastes, but for me, homemade is it.
Wild West Chili Cookoff
Chili, the king of soups.  Not only can it stand alone but it can also compliment a burger or even eggs.  It's the only soup that makes a hot dog editable. Beartooth Harley Davidson's 10th Annual Wild West Chili Cookoff is happening this Saturday at Beartooth Harley 6900 S...
My Three Not So Secret Chili Ingredients Revealed
Just about every guy I know thinks they make a mean pot of chili and I am no exception. Of course, in my case, I'm right; my chili is awesome. I thought since we're about to enter chili season, I'd share the three ingredients that help give my chili its incredible flavor...