School Returns!
This is a picture of my youngest daughter 7 years ago after graduating from Preschool.  This year she turns 13 and will enter the 7th grade.  It's back to school time.  Oh, I know, it's about a month away, but it got me thinking to back when I was a kid...
MSUB Waives Application Fees
If you are thinking of attending Montana State University Billings in the spring, even if it's just to enroll in a course or two, now would be the time to apply. Application fees are waived Nov. 2-8.
Spring semester courses at MSUB open for enrollment Monday; classes begin Jan 20...
Billings Graduating Class of 2015!
There has already been numerous graduation ceremonies around the Billings area with Rocky, MSU-B, Laurel and Billings Central receiving their degrees and diplomas, but there are more to the Class of 2015 that graduate this Sunday, May 31st.
How To Watch March Madness Without Cable
If you're looking for a way to catch the games without having a cable subscription that includes TBS and TNT, there is a way. Dish TV's new streaming service, Sling TV, is available for a free trial and includes the necessary channels to catch those "cable only" games...
Heard Of These Old Bowl Games?
It’s bowl season, which means two things: one, every team that came within a sniff of being .500 will play a postseason game and, two, some of these bowls may not be around next year.
Gunman Spotted At Yale University
UPDATE 3:15 p.m. EST: The lockdown and shelter-in-place orders have been lifted, according to the Yale alert system. Police have been going door-to-door on campus searching for the gunman, though authorities will not confirm whether it may have been a hoax.

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