“Dad Skills” On The Decline
My dad has taught me a lot over the years. He's still better than I am at pretty much all of it, but the basic "dad skill" I have, I owe to him. Apparently, these little things I take for granted are on the decline across the country.
How Do Dads Deal With Girl Hair?
If there are any dad's out there who are raising, or have raised a little girl, you are likely familiar with this problem. Long before dad's have to deal with the subject of boys, they have to deal with another frustrating
Dad Teaches Son How to Burn Tony Romo Jersey [VIDEO]
Between fourth quarter collapses and collapsed lungs, Dallas Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo is going through a pretty tough season. And now Cowboy nation is turning on the three-time pro bowler, as evident by the video below, in which a Cowboy-fanatic father teaches his son the proper and safe way to burn a Tony Romo jersey.
Lindsay Lohan Will Pose for Playboy While Dad Faces Domestic Violence Charges
Lindsay Lohan and her father Michael Lohan can’t stop playing with fire. Lindsay, although ordered to complete 16 hours of her community service sentence at the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office before her November 2 court appearance, will be spending some time in the next week posing for Playboy, says a source. And while she’s trying to fit this in before heading to court for possibly more time in jai