I Had Some Friends Over For Dinner
I was sitting in my easy-chair last night and all of a sudden I saw a bunch of shadows going across my yard. I get up and take a look and it was just some of my friends stopping by for something to eat. Ain't Life Grand!
Breakfast With Friends
Over the weekend some friends stopped by for some breakfast. I didn't mind a bit the more they eat the less I rake! This picture was taken right out my kitchen window.
Dear Deer: Stop Eating My Tomatoes!
I live in a place that has a decent yard, but no room for a real garden. Since I rent, I also have some restrictions about using things like tomato cages or chicken wire to keep the critters out of the few plants I have room for. Yesterday, I had about 3 dozen tomatoes coming along nicely and a fe…
The Deer With No Fear
Last night I was carrying some groceries down the steps that lead to my front door. It was pitch dark and the motion lights at my place don't turn on until I'm on my last two steps. When they finally lit up, I was about 3 feet away from this buck who was just staring at me...