Yellowstone Eagle Dies
Eagle scientist Todd Katzner with the U.S. Geological Survey called the death "gut wrenching."
Sam’s Interview Of The Week
This is an interview with the most famous country rock band in the world. Hands down no other country rock band was even close. Maybe Poco was as good but never had the fame of the Eagles. There was a lot of troubles in the band but when your on the road all the time it's like being married to …
Sam’s favorites: Eagles
Hey everybody, It is time for me to share one of my favorites with you. Every day I cruise the Internet looking for whatever tune floats my boat at the moment. Today my favorite is The Eagles playing a Joe Walsh tune.I would love to hear your suggestions...
Win Eagles Tickets From Sam
Listen to Sam Talkington every day this week (Mon-Fri) during the Nooner All-Request Hour to win tickets to see the Eagles perform at Rimrock Auto Arena on June 2nd. Sammy will play the sound of a "Bird of Prey" and if you're the first person to correctly identify the type of …
Eagles Pre-Sale Tickets For Amex Cardholders Only
The Eagles Are coming to Billings on June 2nd and tickets go on sale at the Metra Park Box Office this Saturday but you can purchase them now if you're an American Express cardholder by clicking on this link:
Buy Eagles Tickets With My Amex Card
Sam’s Jam Preview 8/12 At 6pm
Make sure you tune in every day for the Traffic Jam, where I’ll play the songs you just never hear anywhere else. Unless you’re dropping the needle on a vinyl at home or shoving in an 8-track, or course! Here’s a little taste of what you&CloseCurlyQu…

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