Rainy Day Memories
Rain, like we're getting today, always brings back memories, mostly about things that happened while it was raining.
You're Welcome
I work with mother nature to make sure your lawn looks great and you don't have to spend any money on a sprinkler guy.
More Rain/Snow Slow Down
The snow we are getting today tonight and all weekend is a rain snow mix. I am not sure what could be so important that people can't slow down a little when the roads are like they are. But if it's a funeral it won't matter if you are running a little late that wont matter either...
Rain, Finally
It was bound to happen.  We finally got some rain last night.  About 1/2 inch as the storm rolled through Billings in about an hour.  About 1,600 people were without power and winds gusted to 55 miles per hour.  I was lying bed enjoying the lighting storm out the window when my p…