8 of Billings' Favorite Frozen Treats
In the first years of my life, I had a dairy allergy. Even having a teaspoon of milk would give me a three day ear infection. So I had my bowl of Cheerios with soy milk, and orange sherbet was the only option when the family stopped at an ice cream parlor.
Busy Time of Year
If you think July went fast, by the time Montana Fair is over, we're half way through August and then it's back to school time.
Summer Fun - Billings Pools Opened Today
The swimming pools in Billings opened today at noon.  I'm sure the pools are busy today, but what happens in a couple of weeks?  The fun wears off and is it back to cell phones, video games and TV?  Not to sound like an old man, but here I go with the, "When I was your a…

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