whats new in lockwood

Nice Sidewalk In Lockwood
This is the new sidewalk in Lockwood right across from the new 3G's. They just put the stones in not to long ago. Hopefully the new sidewalks will keep people safe out in my neck of the woods.
Lockwood Storage Pouring Pads
Work continues on the new storage sheds on Johnson Lane in Lockwood. Yesterday morning bright and early the cement trucks rolled in and were pouring pads for the new sheds. It won't be long now and there will be more storage sheds out my way...
Need To Store Something?
Well I thought they would put up all of the storage sheds before they started renting them out but I was wrong. Looks like they will be open for business soon. From the size of the space that is fenced there will be a lot more sheds to come...
Going Up In A Hurry
The bad news is the field is going away. The good news is if you need some storage space it wont be too long and you will have some to choose from. Now I wonder what is next to go up in the field next to Ace Hardware?
Need Something Stored?
Well without a doubt it is storage sheds going up next to Ace Hardware in Lockwood.  They finally have enough up to be sure I will keep you posted as to when they are done.
Whats Next To Lockwood Ace
Yesterday they started building (what looks to me like) storage sheds. I can't be sure yet but I am almost sure that is what it is going to be. I will know for sure in the next couple of days. I will keep you posted!