World Series

Top Gear for Astros and Nationals Fans
With first pitch of the 2019 World Series only hours away (at 6:08 MDT on Tuesday 10/22), fans of the Fall Classic are getting decked out from head to toe in Astros and Nationals gear.
1st World Series
Tonight is Game 1 of the 2017 World Series in L.A. as the Dodgers take on the Houston Astros.  Here is a quick look at the first world series. The 1903 World Series was the first modern World Series to be played in Major League Baseball...
Little League Pitcher Saved by His Cap [VIDEO]
In a Friday game at the Little League World Series, Huntington Beach, California pitcher Braydon Salzman was almost smacked in the forehead with a line-drive ball. It would’ve surely been a scary event (just ask this minor leaguer) — were it not for the brim of his ball cap. While the impact did knock Salzman to the ground, slow-motion replay shows his cap’s bill took the brunt of the impact, leav