Wrestler Dies After Injury In The Ring [VIDEO]
Most humans over age 10 know that wrestling isn't "real", but it definitely requires athletic ability and poses some serious risk to the body. Tragically, Mexican star Perro Aguayo Jr. was killed Friday in a match with Rey Mysterio. In the video below, you can see Aguayo seemingly lifeless on the ropes, yet the match continues...
Midgets invade Billings
In case you haven't heard the exhilarating news, Extreme Midget Wrestling returns to Billings next Thursday night.  It's been difficult to control my excitement ever since I got wind of this epic event. My fascination with midget wrestling began in 1987, when legendary grapplers The Haiti Kid and Little Beaver teamed with Hillbilly Jim to defeat the team of Lord Littlebrook, Little Tokyo and King
10 TGIF Memes to Celebrate the Weekend
It's a very special day. It's Friday! In case this terrible, terrible song doesn't quite capture how excited we are for the weekend (we so excited), here are some memes. In case the memes don't adequately express how excited we are for the weekend, just look for the person wearing no pants with a pitcher of sangria in each hand -- that's us. Enjoy!
Young Cancer Patient Has Heartwarming Meeting With His Wrestling Hero
Professional wrestlers may seem like tough guys, but underneath their shiny spandex outfits and long, flowing hair (clearly a sign of ultimate masculinity), they have hearts of gold. Daniel Bryan, for example, recently met with a seven-year-old boy who has had brain cancer for almost four years, and says he's Bryan's biggest fan. It's okay if you need to go grab some Kleenex before you look at the
Did Hugh Jackman Break a WWE Wrestler’s Jaw? [VIDEO]
Hugh Jackman appeared on WWE Raw earlier this week to promote his robot boxing film, ‘Real Steel.’ As is tradition when celebrities find themselves in the wrestler-verse, Jackman mixed it up with the grapples, and ended up hitting Dolph Ziggler with a sneak attack punch. While the punch was obviously staged, Jackman may have put a bit too much of his real steel behind it because the next day Ziggl
Snooki And Other WWE Celebrity Appearances [VIDEO]
Monday night on 'WWE Raw,' Jersey Shore Oompa Loompa Snooki Polizzi overcame her diminutive size and lack of professional wrestling experience to put a serious beat down on WWE stars Michelle McCool and Layla. It was all to promote the pay-per-view event WrestleMania XXVII, which will feature Snooki and her tiny fists-of-fury on the fight card. The world's foremost (and self-proclaimed) "guid