Q2 reports on an almost-predictable reaction to Billings new smoking rule, as the Yellowstone County Tavern Association has filed a lawsuit claiming the measure– prohibiting people from smoking within 20 feet of public entryways– was passed in a [quote] “anti-democratic and soft totalitarian fashion” [end quote].

The suit was reportedly filed on February 16th. The Yellowstone County, the County Board of Health and the city of Billings are named as defendants in the complaint.

Rule 7, which prohibits people from smoking within 20 feet of a public entryway or using e-cigarettes indoors, took effect last week. Violators could be fined up to $100. Other jurisdictions have banned vaping devices indoors, but Yellowstone County is the first to require smoking and vaping outdoors to remain twenty feet away from entryways.

It’s an extension of the Montana Clean Indoor Air Act.

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