Today is tax day.  Of course you can always file for an extension if you are not ready.  I ran across some interesting facts and surveys.

  • Accountants are warning pet owners not to claim their dogs as dependents.
  • Some exotic dancers try and claim their breast impants as business expenses.
  • Some singers are writing off their "Voice" and "American Idol" auditions as a business expense.  The reality show tryouts are being classified as either a 'business trip' or 'job interview'.
  • According to a survey, 13% of people would rather spend the night in jail than prepare their taxes.  And some more...
  • 27% of people would rather get an IRS tattoo than pay taxes.
  • 6% would rather sell a kidney than pay taxes.
  • 11% would rather spend three years cleaning the bathrooms at Chipotle than pay taxes.
  • The average person spends 30 minutes on hold when calling the IRS.

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