As Arnold Schwarzenegger's new film - 'The Last Stand' - hits theaters this weekend, let's turn our attention to perhaps his most popular franchise. The actor was in talks to star in 'Terminator 5' after leaving public office but he never had an actual script. That's about to change as two writers have been hired to write a 'Terminator 5' script, kickstarting the upcoming sequel.

Deadline is reporting that Laeta Kalogridis ('Avatar') and Patrick Lussier ('Drive Angry') have been hired to write the 'Terminator 5' script by producer Megan Ellison ('Zero Dark Thirty'). Kalogridis worked closely with original 'Terminator' director James Cameron developing the script for 'Avatar' and it's unclear whether Cameron will offer any guidance for 'Terminator 5.'

Lussier's involvement is slightly more surprising as he got his start in Hollywood as an editor on horror movies like 'Scream' and 'Mimic' before segueing into directing with 'Dracula 2000' and 'My Bloody Valentine.' The only script he has credit on is 'Drive Angry,' which he co-wrote with Todd Farmer.

So is Lussier's involvement grooming him to eventually direct 'Terminator 5?' That, again, would be a surprising choice. While Lussier has directed some entertaining films in 'MBV' and 'Drive Angry,' he's certainly never worked on anything like 'Terminator 5.'

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