Growing up in Eastern Montana, I spent a lot of time traveling between the small towns for different events. Miles City has the Eastern Montana Fair & Bucking Horse Sale... Baker has the Fallon County Fair... Glendive has the Dawson County Fair... but in all my years, I only made a trip to Terry for two things. One, the Prairie County Fair... and Two, the Drive-In Theater.

Rock'n On The Corner in Terry

Imagine my surprise learning about a wild and western celebration for all this June... and that event is at little ol' Terry, Montana.

Now, if you blink, you'll blow right by Terry. Just 566 people lived in Terry in 2021, so you can count on everyone knowing each other. But, Terry is the PERFECT choice for such an event. Wide open space, no crazy traffic, and the great outdoors.

That event is called "Rock'n On The Corner", and it'll be happening this summer in Terry. June 14th through 16th, at 3 Ten Mile Road (4 Corners Convenience Store)... which is right when you enter Terry, so you can't miss it.

What can we expect?

This year, Rock'n On The Corner has announced the following events:

  • Live Music
    • Flannel
    • The Max
    • And More
  • Cow Pie Bingo
  • Poker Run
  • Cowboy Polo
  • Kiddie Corral
  • Vendor Show
  • Food Trucks
  • Fishing on the Yellowstone

Camping is also available. Want more information? Check out their Facebook page to stay in the know below.

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What are your thoughts?

Do you think other small Montanan towns should start their own events like Terry? Now that you know about it, will you be going? Let us know on App Chat or on Facebook.

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