Hot Tub

What are you looking at?  Well, It is the sign of a man using his head to tear down an addition on his house. (that would be me).  This addition holds a hot tub.  I call it the hot tub room.  After several discussions, my wife and I decided to sell the hot tub.  But, to get the hot tub out of the said hot tub room, I have to tear the room down!  That is fine because I wanted to build a nice big patio.  The deconstruction dilemma was how.  The roof slopes and the walls were inter connecting panels.  after weeks of thought and pondering it dawned on me that a piece of timber and my floor jack might come in handy.  Thus success last night.  The hot tub can come out, the rest of the room will come down and the proud man owner can now work on a patio.  My heart was pounding with pride.  I heard my wife pull into the driveway.  I was going to explain the amazing feat I had pulled off.  Brag about how this was all my idea! SUCCESS.  "Look Honey, see what I did!"  As she came around the corner I started my victorious speech, when she took one look at me and said, did you know your head is bleeding,AGAIN?  Yes, I'm bald and every time I do a project I get smacked on the head by something.  I just turned around and mumbled "ya, sheet metal".

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