This Thursday marks the 30th anniversary of the classic Van Halen album 1984.  Has it really been 3 decades since Diamond Dave reached down between his legs and eased the seat back?  These days, when we "Jump", we might hurt ourselves.  If that doesn't make you feel really old, here's some other things that turn 30 this year.

1.  Stonewashed Denim Jeans.  Excuse me, are those Bugle Boy jeans that you're wearing?  Remember when all the cook kids rocked the stonewashed jeans, slashed 'em to hell with razor blades and rolled 'em up at the bottom?  Those were the good ole days.

2.  The Apple Mac.  It's hard to even imagine a world before computers, but the Mac was the first PC to ever hit the market.

3.  The Cosby Show.  3 Decades later and no network has come close to equally the ratings of the classic NBC Thursday night line-up with Cosby Show, Family Ties and Cheers.

4.  The Gremlins.  They were cute and furry.  Until you dipped in them in water.  Then, they became a cultural phenomenon.

5.  The PMRC cracks down on rock music.  Long before her husband became the Vice President, Tipper Gore gained fame with the Parent's Music Research Council.  Her primary target with heavy metal, which led to Dee Snider's infamous testimony before a congressional hearing and, later, the advent of the Parental Advisory sticker on albums and cassettes.

6.  Wrestlemania.  If you grew up in the 80's, you were part of the rock and wrestling revolution whether you knew it or not.  With a little help from their starring roles in the movie Rocky III, this event helped propel the careers of Hulk Hogan and the massive fame of his tag team partner, Mr. T.