Halloween is almost upon us and that means it's time for some Trick or Treating. We have put together a guide for the best trick or treating spots in Billings Montana.I have kids of my own and am an old pro at the whole trick-or-treating thing.  Whatever the weather, in Billings, there is always a fun place to go and get some great candy action.

I personally like to go to Nutter Blvd. as it's somewhat close to my house and we always see a ton of our friends and kids friends there.  But each of these places are wonderful for their own reasons.


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    Nutter Boulevard in The Heights

    Now these people like to celebrate Halloween.  Most of the street seems to get in on the fun too. They decorate the houses, dress up themselves and the kids love it.

    Although one year, a guy dressed up as a giant gorilla scared the pants off of my middle son, who thought it was a statue, until the gorilla took after him.  I still laugh at the memory!

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    Clark St. by the Moss Mansion

    Great old houses make for tons of Halloween atmosphere and the people are wonderful as well.  They really get into the spirit of Halloween with decorations and great candy for the kids!  I hear that this is also a pretty safe street as well for trick-or-treaters.

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    The Candy Run at Faith Chapel

    These people go all out! Each year it gets bigger and better.  One year they even had a petting zoo for the kids!  This is a great place to go in case of bad weather, as its both indoors and out of doors.  They decorate the church and dress up themselves and the kids love it!

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    Downtown Billings

    A great way to get out and have fun, with the sun still up! The DBA normally holds this event from 12 noon-5 p.m. on Halloween, to allow the little ones to get out and about with the sun up(which helps to make it even more safe) and about 50 businesses participate in the event.

    Whether you live on the west end of town or in the Heights, this is a great place to meet, with it's central location!

  • 5

    Boo at The Zoo

    The Zoo Montana is a fantastic place to go trick-or-treating! The kids can enjoy different candy stations, animal enrichment, animal encounters, Halloween themed animal shows and lots more! There is a cost, but it's minimal and if you're a member, then it's free to go.

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