Can cavemen be adorable? Dreamworks Animation's 'The Croods' seems to think so, but the jury's still out on whether or not the result is cute or creepy. Anyway, first clip from the March 22nd release has arrived and it seems that awkward romantic situations were also a thing back in the prehistoric times. Oh, those cavemen! They were just like us!

The clip finds Emma Stone's Eep and Ryan Reynold's Guy attempting to trap a carnivorous bird creature using the old "let's pretend we're a sexy female bird!" trick, which, naturally, leads to the two of them having a moment. You can cut the PG-rated sexual tension with a sharpened mammoth bone.

It's an odd clip to put out there, but then again, everything about 'The Croods' feels odd. The concept is unappealing, the character designs ugly and it's from Dreamworks, which means it'll have to work doubly hard to entertain snobby film types like us. Then again, one of the directors made the wonderful 'How to Train Your Dragon' and Nicolas Cage is sure to turn in an absolute bonkers lead performance. But then you realize that the other director made 'Space Chimps.'

What do you think? Is 'The Croods' of any interest to you or will you take the opportunity to catch up on your napping while the kids eat it up?

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