The passing of Glenn Frey has impacted me like the loss of very few other music stars.

I've been singing along with him and all of his Eagles bandmates since I started listening to them on AM radio in the 70s. Back then, there were just nearly as many different radio formats offering so many styles of music.

If you're an Eagles fan, then I sure hope that you got to see them live one of the last couple of times that they played Billings. That harmony with Frey, Don Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt is incredibly unique and unmistakeable.

I was a big fan of Eagles songs by about 1975 and never understood why "Already Gone" wasn't getting played more often on radio. Then in 1976, "Hotel California" was released. I couldn't afford to buy my own copy of the album. We just didn't have money for things like that. But I distinctly remember being invited over to a friends house for my opportunity to give it a listen. And, back then, there was no MTV or Internet. So, everything that you imagined a song being, then THAT was your own video.

I remember sitting there, on my buddy's bean bag chair, being amazed with every song on the album. Now, being 13 years old at the time, I hadn't the slightest idea what any of the songs meant. I just knew that the title track was awesome!

A lot of tributes have come in over the last few days for him. He was one of the biggest songwriters of our time. And he was the leader of the band! Even though Eagles co-founder Don Henley was also considered a leader of the Eagles, he has even said that it was Glenn Frey's drive and ambition that made them successful.

Glenn would have film success along with a recurring character on Miami Vice on TV where he would just whip out "Smugglers Blues."

Get a hold of a copy of "The History Of The Eagles" if you haven't seen it. It will tell you a lot about a very driven and talented individual. And then maybe check out some of his stuff on YouTube. Things like the very underrated "Tequila Sunrise" with some mandolin featured on it. Or "James Dean" or "After The Thrill Is Gone" where he and Henley trade vocals on a pretty cool song. And you may notice more Eagles stuff on our show for the next few weeks.

Finally, of all of the things that I've seen about Glen over the past few days was an interview on the Dan Patrick Show. As Dan is going through his list of questions he asked one that I really liked. He asked Glenn Frey the difference between being out on the road now versus back in the 70s. Glenns answer was, "Sleep."

Rest in peace. Thanks for the music.