For every 100,000 people working in the U.S., around three of them die on the job every year.  And if you're thinking, "The only way I could die at my job is from boredom", well, that's pretty insensitive.  I can't believe you'd say that.

Here are the five DEADLIEST jobs in America, according to a new study . . .

1.  Underwater welder, 15% fatality rate.

2.  Astronaut, 5% fatality rate.

3.  Logger, 0.13% fatality rate.

4.  Fisherman, 0.12% fatality rate.

5.  Pilot, 0.07% fatality rate.

15 PERCENT MORTALITY RATE?!?!?!? How much does an underwater welder make? NOT ENOUGH is the answer to that question!

How dangerous is your job? Radio dude didn't make the list. The most dangerous thing we have to face is chapped lips or the occasional paper cut.


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