According to the website City-Data, there are 182 towns in Montana with a population under 1,000. Here are the five tiniest towns in the Treasure State.

(NOTE: There are several 'unincorporated towns' or 'census designated places' across the state that are even smaller than these. These are the smallest of the officially 'incorporated' towns. So, if you're from Hungry Joe, Montana, that's why you're not on this list)

1. Dixon, MT - With a population of 203, this western Montana mountain town is the smallest in the state. Located nearly 35 miles from Missoula, Dixon is one of several places in rural Montana where women outnumber men, 107 to 96. Another interesting fact, only 26% of the residents (52) are currently married.

2. (Tie) Forrest Hill Village, MT - Located just outside Kalispell, near Glacier National Park, 206 residents call this remote town home. Property values here are significantly higher than in other parts of the state. In 2012, the median value of a home or condo was over $231, 000, nearly $50,000 higher than the state average.

2. (Tie) Little Browning, MT - 90 miles northwest of Great Falls, near the Canadian border, lies the town of Little Browning. As its name suggests, it's small. Of its 206 residents, most are young people. In fact, the median age in Little Browning is just over 26 years old, 12 years younger than the state average.

4. Winifred, MT - You'll find this town 90 miles due east of Great Falls, in the middle of the state and practically in the middle of nowhere. Ten years ago, it would have been the smallest town in the state. However, Winifred has experienced a population boom recently, growing at a rate of 31%, or 64 people, since the year 2000. As of 2013, the town had swelled to 207 residents.

5. (Tie) Turtle Lake, MT - About an hour north of Missoula, the town of Turtle Lake sits near the southern shore of Flathead Lake inside the Flathead Reservation.  For its 209 residents, the cost of living is much higher here than in other parts of the state. In 2012, Turtle Lake was listed at 171.8 on the cost of living index, compared to the national average of 100.

5. (Tie) Rollins, MT - This secluded, scenic town, with a population of 209, lies on the western banks of the Flathead Lake. With its proximity to popular summer recreational sites, it boasts one of the highest property values in the state. Median home values in the area have doubled since 2000, rising from $195,000 to nearly $400,000 by 2012. The average home value here is more than twice the state average

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