It's a well known fact that Wyoming has the best selection of legal fireworks you'll find anywhere in the country. With 4th of July fast approaching, we spoke to a few fireworks stores to find out which products really give you the most bang for the buck.

Here's our list of the Four Most Awesome Fireworks in Wyoming this year:

1. The Black Cat Diablo - Loaded with 60 gram canister shells, this beast is truly 'louder than hell'. It contains 24 shells with a dazzling array of colors and gigantic bursts. It's as close to a professional fireworks show as you're legally allowed to get.

2. Black Cat Maxed Out 9's - These maxed out bursts are big and high. The three inch rack blasts 9 shots over 200 feet into the air and creates palm bursts nearly 200 feet wide.

3. Major Altitude - Almost identical to the Maxed Out 9's, this pack contains 9 loud, fast canisters with humongous bursts. According to Ben Laws from the Fireworks Outlet of Wyoming, the only difference between the two are the angles of the breaks; Maxed Out shoots straight up, whereas Major Altitude shoots at more of an angle.

4. Florida Yard Dog - This dog's bite is just as mean as his bark. With 300 shots and 500 gram cake, it's fast, loud and guaranteed to light up the sky.

Honorable Mention: Big Man 12's - This powerful powder keg is packed with 12 two inch shells. It's big and loud, with lots of flashing whistles and strobes.

Of course, we all know the importance of safety when it comes to fireworks. Let's all be careful and hopefully, you'll still have all your fingers on the 5th.

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