Well, I did a story on Nathan Kenaston (a work in progress) and I did a story on Uncle Flip Kenaston's new Midwest Mod, so I figured I should finish the family of racers out with Devin Kenaston.

Dev's rookie year was kinda interesting as we called him Wally. (Yes, Dev, they do have walls at the track.) But, I must say he has improved quite a bit since that first year. This year I expect him to land a trophy or two, but only time will tell.

Sam Talkington, Townsquaremedia

Dev also has a Midwest Mod but it will be sidelined this year. He will concentrate on his Street Stock.

All cars cost a fortune to run, be it a Street Stock or a Sprint Car. It ain't cheap. I must say the Kenastons have a lot of cars in their shop and a lot of work goes on there.

But we do get to have a refreshing beverage once in awhile!!!