Last week saw Dave Letterman shaking up the late-night landscape with the announcement of his imminent retirement, which as since led to all manner of speculation on a replacement, but the impact has already gone further down the pop culture rabbit hole. Watch 'The Simpsons' pay tribute to the retiring 'Late Show' leader with last night's couch gag from "Luca$"!

It seems a bit unclear if 'The Simpsons' had something Letterman-related on file, or slapped together something before the weekend, but the couch gag from Sunday's "Luca$" featured the titular family headed to New York to catch a taping of the 'Late Show With David Letterman.' Homer headbutts his way through security (including a woman, curiously), while Dave himself seems a bit nonplussed by the couch gag concept.

It doesn't appear as if Letterman provided his own voice for the clip either, though the closing tag makes it clear that 'The Simpsons' wanted to pay tribute to the 'Late Show' star before his final bow in 2015. Letterman hasn't set a specific endpoint for 2015, but we'd expect that the official announcement of a new host would also make the retirement date more clear.

In the meantime, check out 'The Simpsons' tribute to David Letterman above, and tell us in the comments who you'd like to see take over next year!

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