This is what happens when you let the kiddie pool stay in one spot too long.  They say you should move it every week, but time kind of got away from me. So, the pool sat in this spot in the front yard for something like three weeks.

When the weather got hot (finally!) earlier this week, I decided now would be a good time to drain the yucky water, scrub and bleach the green slimy ring around the top and move the the pool over a few feet. When me and the kid started yanking the tarp off the ground, the ungodly stench hit our noses like a freight train of rotten grassy grossness.

It's seriously awful smelling. Like a combination of rotten silage and dirty socks. Normally, the wind seems to blow the foul odor away from the house, but this week it's blowing right back towards the porch. Of course.  To top it off, my dogs seem to love rolling in the rotten grass.  That's a bonus.

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