American aviation legend Amelia Earhart was the first female pilot to fly solo across the ocean, was a best selling author and did this all before she was 40. Amelia along with navigator Fred Noonan disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean in 1937 while on a mission to become the first woman to complete a circumnavigational of the globe.

Before she disappeared, she fell in love with the DD Dude Ranch outside Meeteetse, WY after staying there in 1934 and asked the ranch owner Carl Dunrud to build her a cabin on the ranch to make a summer home.

According to Center Of The, Earhart either sent or brought one of her coats to Wyoming because she wanted to keep it in her cabin to have to wear when she was at the ranch. The coat was donated by Dunrud and is on display at the museum in Cody.

The YouTube Channel Pin In The Atlas is the video side of the blog Pin In The Atlas made up of Andrea, Steven and their dog Harvey that travel around and document their travels.

One of the stops on their exciting adventures was to find the DD Dude Ranch that is now maintained by the US Forest Service and in the right vehicle and weather is accessible to adventure seekers. In the video, Andrea and Steven tell some of the history and give us a look at the area that once upon a time, the Amelia Earhart fell in love with.

Many of the buildings are in pretty rough shape, but it looks as though repairs are being made to the cabins, outhouses and other buildings to make them safe.

It's fun to think this little piece of history sits Highway 290 east from Meeteetse then south on Wood River Rd.

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