I am ashamed to admit that I waste a lot of my weekend mornings on YouTube because I'll wake up at about 4:30 or 5 in the morning and have nothing to do. So, I'll start plugging in subjects that I'm interested in. Once you do that, it will start suggesting other videos that you might like. That's where I ran across "That's Damn Rock & Roll" by Eric Church and Lzzy Hale (there's no I in her first name).

So recently I typed in "Billings, MT" looking for some of those cool drone videos that take some aerial footage of some area of our town. But the results that popped up surprised me. Several folks had posted videos about the 10 or 12 or 22 things to do in Billings. Then I saw a couple of 4K virtual tours of downtown Billings. Just like in golf, I'd take a cart.

If you've got 8 1/2 minutes to spare, you can "uncover the dark past of the largest mansion in Billings, MT." I couldn't make myself sit through it all.


I plan to check out "Downtown Billings: A look at the past and the future." But first I went and rewatched "New amazing footage of The Billings, Montana tornado." That's the one that hit Metra on Father's Day in 2010.

So, I added the word "drone" to Billings, MT, and got what I was looking for. Aerial shots from one flying off the rims near the fairgrounds to others showing off many parts of the beautiful area that we live in.

I think I like the drone video so much because it makes it seem like we would know what it was like to be able to fly.

OK. New search: Sheryl Crow videos.

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