Rowden Go and Leizel May were to be married on Go's 30th birthday, until a twist of events changed everything.

According to the Huffington Post, Rowden Go proposed to Leizel May in the month of May. The plan was to get married on his 30th birthday.

Later that month, Go was diagnosed with stage IV liver cancer.

The cancer is aggressive to begin with, but at that stage it has low survival rates. Go's health deteriorated quickly. His last wish was to marry Leizel in front of those whom he loved most, including their two-year-old daughter. With time running out, the wedding plans had to be accelerated and the ceremony pushed up to June.

His family prepared an entire wedding ceremony -- to be held in the hospital in which he was receiving care -- within 12 hours. The wedding was absolutely beautiful with friends and family gathering, congratulating, and loving.

Go passed away just 10 hours after he said, "I do."

Yeah, I didn't make it 30 seconds into this video before I lost it. Powerful stuff.

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