I happened to see a message on our Facebook messenger page from Jane Esp Bailey about her son Cooper Bailey. Cooper, like all other school-aged kids, is being homeschooled during the Coronavirus, so he's started a really cool project. Cooper is in the 3rd grade and lives in Big Timber.  His mom said that they've been picking up trash while they're out walking several times a week. They're really surprised by how much litter is along the side of the roads, particularly around overpasses and near the on and off ramps. Though they've been picking up trash for a while now, Cooper said he feels like they've barely made a dent cleaning up the trash, so he decided to challenge others to help out.

Cooper and his mom, Jane started the 10 Bag Challenge. The idea of the 10 bag challenge is to get other kids and parents to commit to picking up 10 bags of trash by May 1. If you'd like to get out, get some fresh air and help the environment, you can reach out to Cooper's mom, Jane on Facebook.  On a personal note, being a mom myself, his family should be very proud of this young man. Good job, Cooper.

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