Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is $400K lighter, but it has nothing to do with his behavior in Las Vegas during the band’s recent residency. Instead, Lee has settled a lawsuit with a former assistant, who sued him for defamation and failure to pay overtime.

Star Magazine reports that the settlement will also include a public apology to Michael “Tony” Sullivan, who worked for Lee from 2005 to March 2011. The lawsuit claimed Sullivan was required to be on call every hour of the day, and eventually required to live in Lee’s house. Then his pay was docked $1,000 a month for rent.

In November Radar Online reported that Sullivan’s pay was also docked if he was a few minutes late to work, or if Lee was angry with him. After leaving Lee, Sullivan says he got a job as tour manager for the rock band Bush, but lost that job because of Lee’s “defamatory statements and interference.”

Yesterday, Radar Online reported that Sullivan had teamed up with Pam Anderson, who was ready to state that she contracted hepatitis C through a tattoo needle she shared with Lee.

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