If you've lived in Montana long enough, you know the cities and what they are well-known for. Missoula, for instance, is known for it's football fans and dog-loving environmentalists. Bozeman is known for it's rich people and ski tourists. But when it comes to the most 'redneck' towns, I guess it really depends on who you meet and where...

We aren't saying that these towns are the most redneck, mostly because we may or may not agree on some of them (Hamilton? Really?), but a website known as Road Snacks stepped out of their comfort zone to really put a few towns in Montana on serious blast.

See if you agree. The Top 10 Redneck Towns in Montana are...

  1. Eureka
  2. West Yellowstone
  3. Whitehall
  4. Black Eagle
  5. Hamilton
  6. Superior
  7. Red Lodge
  8. Thompson Falls
  9. Hungry Horse
  10. Roundup