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These are mine, easy... If your favorite song didn't  make my list.  Let us know what it is below.  I don't know how much Christmas music the Hawk will be playing this year but yesterday Sam played Santa Claus and his old lady during the nooner.  And that's why this list is happening today!

  • 1

    Santa Claus and his Old Lady

    My favorite uncle used to play this every year, my grandmother hated it!  Then we would all laugh.

  • 2

    Little Drummer Boy - Bing/Bowie

    Chose the full video and not just the song.  Hope you enjoy it.

  • 3

    Queen - Thank God It's Christmas

    There isn't anything that Freddie sang that I don't like.

  • 4

    Kinks - Father Christmas

    Can't beat the Kinks singing about beating up Father Christmas...

  • 5

    O Come All Ye Faithful - Bad Religion

    Listen to this Christmas album every year, reminds of a great station I worked at in North Carolina.  We played the crap out of this song every Christmas.