Some guys are easy to buy for. Heck, some of them tell you what they want. Man, what a time saver.  For the dude who keeps you guessing, I thought this might come in handy as you're trying to decide what to buy for him.

1. Cabela's - I think anything you walk out of this store with is a win, win.

2.  Al's Bootery - Nice shoes and they do repairs. Maybe the guy in your life just needs his favorite shoes fixed.

3.  Sport's Authority -  If your guy is into sports, this place has it.

4.  Ubrew - Pick him up a growler or just a gift certificate for food would make any man happy.

5.  Army Navy Surplus Store - Anything your guy needs for hunting or to keep warm this winter, they have it.

OK, what did I miss?  What should I have had on the list that didn't make it?

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