Happy Birthday to Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues.  Moody Blues really is a amazing band.  They broke a lot of recording barriers.  As an audio geek, what this band did in the studio was astonishing and they did it before they had any of the bells and whistles we have today.

Cheers Justin, Happy 69th!

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    Written by guitarist Justin Hayward "Question" was first released as a single in April 1970 and remains their second highest charting song.

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    Go Now

    I know a cover is my second choice, but they do such a good job of it. Sounds so different from their other stuff

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    The Story In Your Eyes

    Written Justin Hayward it was first released as a single with "My Song" on the B-side.

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    Tuesday Afternoon

    Justin wrote the song originally intending to name it "Tuesday Afternoon". At the insistence of producer Tony Clarke, it was named "Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)" for its release on Days of Future Passed. However, when it was released as a single a year later, its name was changed back to "Tuesday Afternoon", and it has been more commonly known by this name ever since. Some of the Moody Blues compilation and live albums list the song as "Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon)" to reflect both titles.