Just one day before director Tony Scott tragically leapt to his death off a Los Angeles bridge, Tom Cruise was at the Naval Air Station in Fallon, Nevada doing research for his role in ‘Top Gun 2.’ But with Scott gone, will Cruise and Paramount proceed with their big sequel?

Officials at the Naval Air Station confirmed to KOLO TV in Nevada that Cruise spent the day at their facility doing prep work for the upcoming sequel. But how much of that prep work will see the light of day?

Scott, who directed the original ‘Top Gun’ in 1986 hadn’t officially signed on to direct the sequel but the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Scott was indeed planning ‘Top Gun 2′ as his next film. The idea was to reunite Cruise, Scott and uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer for a 2014 release of the film.

The project, which is currently being written by Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie (‘The Usual Suspects’) may wind up being delayed or could be shelved altogether. Much of the spirit of the original film came from the collaboration between Scott, Cruise and Bruckheimer (and his then producing partner Don Simpson) so it’s hard to imagine a ‘Top Gun’ movie without one of them.

As of yet, neither Cruise or Bruckheimer have had any public comments on Scott’s passing.

What do you think? Should there still be a ‘Top Gun 2?’

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