Are you guys ready to revisit one of the greatest movies of the 80s? Get ready for another wild ride with 'Top Gun' in 3D with this new trailer.

Tony Scott's classic 'Top Gun' is returning to theaters in 3D on February 8, just in time for Valentine's Day, or did all of you forget about Berlin's "Take My Breath Away"? Yeah, have fun getting that out of your head again.

'Top Gun' stars Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Kelly McGillis in the story of bro-friends who attend a prestigious US Flying academy for elite fighter pilots, and between all the awesome flying and zipping through the air, a romance blossoms between a student and a teacher because this was the 80s, and that sort of thing was encouraged.

And now you can relive the magic when 'Top Gun' returns to theaters in glorious 3D -- you'll almost be able to feel the wind in your hair. Or maybe that's just the person next to you breathing through their mouth, but it's fun to pretend.

Check out the official trailer for the 3D re-release below, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, and if you aren't feeling the need for speed, maybe you should get that checked out.

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