In a world of technology it is nice to take a step back into the past and view things as they are now. I love history and love learning about the things that were long before my time.

This is one of those times.

As you probably well know, Elkhorn, Montana is a small ghost town in Jefferson County. It was a silver mining hot spot back in the late 1800s where over $14 million worth of silver flowed out of its shafts.

In the late 1880s things slowed down, sickness struck the area and the railroad halted trains going there which brought this town to its knees.

Today, shells of once-thriving buildings are about all that remains. It is now considered a State Park and the history is just as rich as the silver that was discovered there.

I would love to go there and see what is left.

Recently a man by the of David Egg went there with his drone. He posted a video to YouTube and the images he captured are pretty amazing to see.

Check them out for yourself.

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