How many of our Billings residents are happy about the traffic lights going up at the intersection of Gabel Road and 32nd Street? I know I am.

Most of our Billings patrons have had to use the intersection, where most drivers have no clue how to navigate through it. Coming down the hill of 32nd Street and you see a long line of cars in each lane.

While you're sitting in line, waiting your turn, you see some cars going through the intersection, but then a second car from the same lane hauls through the intersection because the next vehicle to go is not paying attention.

That car then messes up the flow of traffic, so then others get confused. Starting the whole process over again, again, figuring out whose turn it is. Vehicles making a right turn have an easy option where the vehicle trying to go straight or make a left turn has more vehicles to watch out for.

This major intersection has been constructed for a while now and I am not sure as to why the city waited so long to put up traffic lights.  How many complaints did the city of Billings get in order to actively put in traffic lights?

I realize there is a lot a construction going on but, this intersection has been sitting idle for quite a while. I know every time i approached this intersection during heavy traffic times, I cringed at the thought of having to blast my right of way through this intersection.

The intersection is not operational yet. Hopefully soon!! Hooray for traffic lights. Maybe this intersection won't be so bad, once the traffic lights are operational.

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