Earlier today, around 4:35 PM, the Billings Communications Center received a 911 call of a possible shooting at the 9900 Block of Cormier Road.

Cormier Road is a rural location, around 15 miles south of Billings nearby the Crow Indian Reservation. The map above will provide clarity on the location.

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Shortly after the first 911 call, a second call of a shooting was reported. According to officials, cellular service in these areas is limited, causing issues with the report, leading police to not know if there were multiple shootings with multiple victims, or if this was a single event.

The Yellowstone County Sheriff's Deputies & Bureau of Indian Affairs responded to the address. On arrival, deputies located a victim and possible witness. A short distance away, a second victim was located.

Both victims were transported to Billings area hospitals for treatment, and a person of interest was detained.

At this time, the Yellowstone County Sheriff's Office says there is no danger to the public, and they are investigating the crimes.

As more information is released, this article will update.

(Source: Captain Kent O'Donnell, YCSO)

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