Joe Raedle,Getty Images

Do fret over the perfect Valentine's Day gift?  You want it to say the right thing without saying too much or not enough.  It's not an easy gift to purchase.

Valentine's Day Quiz: Gifts for every type of Valentine, according to Brobible. Really works, I used it.  This quiz can find the right gift for your partner, friend, parent or sibling.  First, you select which person you are shopping for.  Then on to the important questions like.  What Superpower would they like to have?  Or even better.  What's their dream job?

Laugh at the questions but it actually gave me an answer I was impressed with.  My brother is always hard to buy for so I selected sibling and it produced a present he would love.  It said that my brother would like a Coach watch (over $300).  It was right, he would love that.  He's an engineer and makes triple what I make.  So he's used to nice things.  Now, it should have asked my for a budget..