They have an all-star lineup and a pair of top five albums to their credit, so what’s keeping Velvet Revolver from soldiering on without departed vocalist Scott Weiland?

According to drummer Matt Sorum, the band has tried — even going so far as to record an entire album’s worth of new material with Slipknot/Stone Sour singer Corey Taylor. But it hasn’t panned out — so far, anyway.

Of the sessions with Taylor, Sorum says guitarist Slash was the main hangup. “We liked it. We had 10 songs. [We] could put the album out tomorrow. It’s done. I said, ‘Let’s go,’ but Slash wasn’t feeling it,” explains Sorum. “If we’re not all feeling it together, we can’t do it.”

But all is not lost for fans of the band, which has been silent since 2007′s ‘Libertad.’ “I don’t wanna say it’s over,” says Sorum. “It’s just on a hiatus. We’ll make music again together at some point.”

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