You have to be careful when walking on ice and that's true even if you're a bear as a new video share proves.

This close call for Yogi Bear was just captured near Lake Tahoe, California. At the beginning of the video, you can almost sense that the bear knows he's in trouble. SPOILER ALERT: the bear is just fine.

The lady who recorded the video shared this testimony about what happened and what she tried to do.

My family was invited to celebrate one of my good friend's birthday in Lake Tahoe. She rented the house through Airbnb and this is their backyard where we witness this event. On the original video you will hear when the ice started to crack. These whole scenario lasted 4 mins. My friends tried to call Animal Control, but before they were able to speak to someone, the bear was able to pull himself up.

Side note: you know you've rented a great Airbnb when you potentially could see bears on ice there.

As for the bear, no big deal. He's a bear and just shook the cold water off and went back to being a bear. Bet he'll think twice before he walks over a frozen pond though.

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