Imagine this. You've just navigated a challenging stretch of rapids when you spot a young moose in distress. What would you do? Two hero kayakers jumped into action and attempted to save the animal.

It's hard to fathom the type of quick thinking that would be required to pull off this rescue. The two kayakers executed near perfect teamwork to get this young moose to safety. The channel that shared this epic moment on YouTube said this about what they captured:

Two kayakers jumped to the aid of a distressed moose calf after noticing it had become stranded above a dangerous stretch of rapids

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Watch these two work in tandem to save a moose from almost certain drowning. There's a good reason why their efforts were trending on Digg.

Mental Floss shared some facts about moose and one of them made this rescue very dangerous for the kayakers and that's because moose are huge. Yes, even young ones. The fact that this animal was likely panicking makes their efforts even more admirable.

I have to admit once the young moose was on dry ground, I started waiting for the moose mama to make an appearance. Have to believe she wasn't far behind her young one which would have inspired me to get in my kayak and proceed on down the river.

Kudos to these two for going the extra mile when they could have just let nature (and the rapids) run their course. Not all heroes wear capes. Some have kayaks, too.

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