Summer in western Montana means living that "lake life." Getting out and cooling off on hot summer days. Sometimes "lake life" can consist of anchoring somewhere deep and doing cannonballs off the boat for hours. Sometimes it is being towed behind the boat on a tube. For Pearl Jam's, Jeff Ament, it is surfing the boat wake and crushing beer.

Recently, Jeff teamed up with Kettlehouse Brewing to create a limited edition beer. The MPS Pool Ale. A portion of all the sales of this pale ale will be donated to Montana Pool Service. MPS is a non-profit founded by Jeff to help build skateparks across Montana and other rural areas.

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“Super excited to collab with KettleHouse on the Montana Pool Ale for the Pearl Jam streaming event,” said Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament, “KettleHouse has always been about music and community here in Missoula. All contributions go to the new skatepark being built in Superior, MT this Fall. Grab a 4-pack now!”

“We’re honored to partner with a world-renowned rock band like Pearl Jam,” said Zach Nelson, KettleHouse Head Brewer, “The MPS Pool Ale is light, easy-drinking, and packed with citric notes of tangerine and lemon zest.

Video has surfaced online showing Jeff Ament enjoying one of these new MPS Pool Ales. Instead of simply sipping on the beer at a concert, like the beer was intended, he crushes a MPS Pool Ale in style. Watch as Jeff Ament surfs a boat wake, while chugging an ice cold MPS Pool Ale.


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