Many places in Montana are an absolute dream to live in. Whether you are into culture, scenery, or being low-key, there is something for everyone. The problem is, not every place in Montana is the best. 

24/7 Wall Street came out with a list of The Worst City To Live in Every State, and for Montana, it's a place that honestly gets dragged through the mud a lot and doesn't deserve the criticism. 24/7 Wall Street says the worst city to live in Montana is Havre. 

Havre, Montana, is a place that sits on the Highline in north-central Montana. Havre is known for a few things and them mostly being a lot of snow during the winter and constant high winds year-round. The reason why Havre was chosen was because of the high unemployment compared to the rest of the state, limited job opportunities, and how home values are very low. 

Havre Chamber via Facebook
Havre Chamber via Facebook

Listen, I have only been to Havre once, but this small town has a rich history, and the town has a cool personality. Havre has Montana State University-Northern that is known for its Agriculture areas of studies and is highly respected. Plus, Havre has three breweries that are fantastic(highly recommend Vizsla Brewing). The scenery around Havre makes it's picturesque during the sunrise and sunset as well too. 

I think 24/7 Wall Street is being a little unfair to Havre by saying it's the worst city to live in Montana. Havre is an acquired taste, and the folks that live there are there for a reason. We have to disagree with 24/7 Wall Street's assessment. 

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