Today's blog is not to open an argument about the recent accident on Broadwater Avenue involving the young boy hit while crossing the street.  This is to ask a very poignant question.

In some of  the remarks on social media about the accident, I see there are those chastising the young boy for not using the crosswalk.

Here is where I weigh in.

I work downtown and I sometimes have to park a few blocks away from the radio stations.Therefore, I walk to the office. Today, as I was leaving for lunch, I obeyed all the traffic laws and walked down the sidewalk to the crosswalk.

I waited at the crosswalk at Montana Avenue and North 26th Street for not just one or two cars that didn't stop for a pedestrian at the crosswalk, but seven.

Seven cars drove right past me as I stood at the crosswalk waiting to cross.

We can bitch about people who jaywalk or just don't use the crosswalk, but what about when you do wait at the crosswalk and the cars still don't stop?

It's a no-win situation.